Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Arnold the ant and the Queen

 I wrote a little cute poem about ants and adventures!

Arnold ant was an ant soldier
But one day with that he was done
And then from the queen’s army away he had gone
He carried with him his stuff on his shoulder

And the queen she wondered where Arnold had gone
He was a good soldier and she wondered what he had done
So after Arnold the queen went
She searched every crook and every bent.
So from the army Arnold had transferred
And while he liked traveling some
Soon with that he was also done
When in the farms he saw an aphid herd
The queen asked the other ants about where Arnold had gone
And clues they did have, some
Alfred ant said Arnold had been near the aphid herd
So the queen said thanks and went out after Alfred’s word
Arnold was good at aphid farmery
And he never ever harmed them
Put it was boring in the farm on the stem
So he decided to go back to the army agin
The queen hurried as fast as she could
And while her try was very good, Arnold had gone from where she now stood
She sighed and asked around after her traveling friend
And she thought she was at her journeys end
And Arnold? He hurried faster than fast
Until he was home at long last
He panted and wizzed and stood
and waited to tell the queen of adventures passed

The queen decided to head back home
She didn’t know her adventure had just begun!
She headed back to the base at long last
And when she found Arnold she was aghast!

The queen asked where Arnold had been
And Arnold said “I walked a lot and saw all these sights!”
And the queen responded “I’m sure you’ve become very wise"
And Arnold then modestly replied “It has been very nice”

Arnold ant had learned a lot
And the queen was pleased, and asked of what
And Arnold said well,” this and that”
And Arnold told the queen what he had seen, and that was the story you now got!


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